The most popular trading instruments in May 2021

According to the May results, Gold (XAUUSD) kept the status of the most popular traded instrument among Amega’s traders with a record result of 59.81%.

Gold is one of the most volatile instruments in the forex market. The increased volatility helps to make profits on higher price differentials that volatile instruments offer.

The second place in our rating of the most popular trading instruments of the month belongs to EURUSD. Trading  with the Euro US Dollar pair gives a lot of benefits to traders – low spreads of 0 pips, good volatility, and variety of the intraday economic news that affect the EURUSD rate.

And by tradition, the third place is taken by the GBPUSD pair with a poor result of 3.91%. The Pound reached the level of 1.42 – the maximum since April 2018. We will monitor whether the Pound keeps the 1.40 level and will update its local maximums.

The most traded instruments by volume are showed on the diagram below:

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