Changes in margin requirements for metals and oil

Dear valued clients,

We would like to inform you that from 4th April 2021 the margin requirements for metals (XAUUSD, XAGUSD) and oil (USOil, UKOil) will be changed – the fixed leverage for the each instrument will be introduced, as it showed on the table below:


The margin will be calculated by a formula: open price*contract size*lot size/leverage.

For example, if you open 0.01 lot of XAUUSD with price of 1730 USD, the margin will be 0.01(lot size ) *100(contract size) * 1730(price) / 200(leverage) = 8.65 USD

The new leverage for metals and oil will be implemented for all new and existing positions, thus it may lead to increasing margin requirements on your account if you were trading with higher leverage.

Please make sure that your account is well funded before the leverage changes take place, and your trading exposure is reduced if needed.

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